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Scarlet 'Starjet' Conner by EthanPow Scarlet 'Starjet' Conner by EthanPow
Scarlet 'Starjet' Conner a Drakeal with a uncommon ability to fly and even more uncommon to fly and survive in cold harsh space. with the normal crystal structure that is made of the brain mass and bones of a drakeal Conner has sported wings form it... these wings do move and change shape like very hard but bendable Rubber and hard core that has energy fired out to push Scarlet in any direction she needs.

Drakeals that are able to even generate the energy to push themselves in the were without common Wings like birds. This can be develop with alot of focus but Scarlet handly needs much focus to remain afloat, sometimes she can't keep herself on the ground, Scarlet prefers to hover and with able to Generate gravity with building energy her body is in good shape for someone that hardly uses her legs for movement.

as an addition, Scarlet can Reach Warp speed with in 3 mins of generating energy form a local sun. Which Sensory ability that most Drakeals have, Scarlet can easy send messages without much electrical assistance unless in need to be a Threat Scarlet must have a Enhancer for energy to focus it to cause enough damage to shields to grab on to the Armor of the ship and break into the ships structure but this were Scarlet will have issues, normally Drakeal Vessels being piloted with those that have ability to neutralize any energy causing much hassle for scarlet and getting her captured...

But as such Scarlet normally needs to fight anyway and can flee when needed. She does have someone she wishes to meet and with her ability she might be able to do it.
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July 28, 2010
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